Can Air Pollution Cause Hair Loss? How Can I Protect My Hair?

Can air pollution cause hair loss?Proper hair care to prevent hair loss can be confusing. You have to eat the right things, use the right kind of scalp and hair care, get blessed with good genetics, and try to avoid air pollution.

When they teach us about taking care of ourselves, no one thinks to mention how dangerous things like air pollution can be not only for our lungs… but also for our hair.

What Does Air Pollution Do to Hair?

New research – primarily coming out of the cosmetic industry – is finding that the dust and diesel particles we breath (which are heavy components of air pollution) actually lowers the levels of some key proteins in the body. One important one, beta-catenin, is vital for hair growth.

That same research indicates air pollution may also decrease proteins that keep the hair follicle strong and prevent hair loss. So why is the cosmetic industry studying hair and air pollution?

Almost two-thirds of the world’s population lives in urbanized areas, and those come with air pollution. Those people are very concerned about health and beauty products that are (at the very least) not harmful to their overall health and show a distinct preference for products that improve their health.

While most people know that air pollution can causes asthma and other breathing problems (or even lead to some forms of cancer), fewer are aware of the impact of air pollution on their hair and skin. Long time readers of this blog will understand that things that affect your skin can also affect your hair.

Can Environmental Toxins Cause Hair Loss?

Air pollution affects your hair in a multitude of ways. The first is simply by making it appear – and be – dirty. Dust and other air pollutants will cling to your hair and cause it to lose its healthy shine. The abrasive effect of the dust particles also starts damaging the hair sheath… making it more brittle and prone to breakage.

By reducing proteins needed for hair growth combined with increased shaft damage or breakages… this can make your hair appear less full even if you aren’t actively losing it. Add in clogged pores from pollution and suddenly you may be facing actual hair loss just because of air pollution.

How Do You Protect Hair from Air Pollution?

Protecting your hair from air pollution involves cleaning it regularly to remove the airborne particles that cling to it. Then deep conditioning to repair the damage to the hair shaft from those abrasive particles.

But beyond that, it may be time to look into scalp treatments that help clear the pores on the scalp and check out nutritional means to strengthen your hair. Lastly, you may want to consider consulting a hair loss prevention specialist, who can help you address the causes of your hair loss and find alternative solutions.

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