5 Foods Thought to Reduce Hair Loss

5 Foods Thought to reduce Hair LossHealthy eating seems to be a moving bar for most of us, with evolving nutritional information sometimes making it hard to decide just what eating plan is best for us. Turns out that one size does not fit all bodies or all needs.

So, what if your goal is to eat healthy and reduce hair loss?

Thankfully, that’s doable! One of the top requirements for hair growth is protein.

When you are not eating enough protein, your hair defaults to a sort of standby status. Your body devotes the protein it gets to other needs and your hair growth slows or comes to a stop. And – since we all lose and replace hair regularly – if there’s no new hair growth, your hair is likely to start thinning.

But not just any protein is going to work for keeping your hair healthy and growing. Much like your heart, your hair prefers certain types of protein – lean poultry, fish, and eggs are particularly good for hair growth. This is because they provide protein along with other vital nutrients – including biotin, certain vitamins, and healthy fats.

While a diet too high in the wrong fats can cause arterial blockage, healthy fats – like omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, sardines, and mackerel – help your hair grow and have a healthy shine to it. This is because these are fats your body can’t produce on its own but are vital to scalp and hair health.

Choosing healthy fats is important because saturated fats (like those found in many red meats) tend to build up in your circulatory system… leading to reduced circulation and heart disease. While neither is good for your overall health, the reduced circulation is particularly bad for your hair. The hair follicles require healthy blood flow to get the oxygen and nutrients needed for healthy hair.

Can Eggs Help Regrow Hair?

Eggs as a source of protein can be very important to your hair health. They are also packed with other vitamins and nutrients that lead to healthy hair. The only caution is that eggs can also be high in fats that are not good for your hair.

If you want to use eggs as a part of your hair-healthy diet, eat them in moderation and consider replacing some whole eggs with egg whites. Don’t skip the yolk entirely, as many vitamins are stored there – but adding extra egg white to your scrambled eggs at breakfast can up the protein level without increasing the fat.

What Fruits and Vegetables Are Good for My Hair?

Spinach and sweet potatoes are great vegetables to add to your diet to improve your hair health. Spinach and kale are great sources of Vitamin A, iron, and beta carotene, which will all help your hair grow and be more resilient. The combination of vitamins and minerals makes hair stronger and less prone to breakage.

Sweet potatoes and sweet peppers can also help keep your hair healthy. Sweet potatoes are good sources of beta carotene and – indirectly – Vitamin A… which are both necessary for healthy hair. But don’t overdo it. Too much Vitamin A can also create hair loss!

Peppers are a good source of Vitamin C which helps promote collagen production. They are also great antioxidants to help your hair eliminate pollutants and other stressors.

Have Questions About Your Hair Loss? Call RHRLI

While a diet of lean protein and vitamin-rich plant matter is one way to keep your hair and scalp healthy, it won’t solve all hair loss issues. If you need more assistance or want to explore other causes of hair loss, we can help. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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