Is Your New Year’s Resolution To Finally Take Action Against Hair Loss?

is your new years resolution to finally take action against hair loss?It feels like 2021 came and went in a flash. For many of us, things didn’t get back to normal fast enough and it seems like there may be a bump or two left in the road ahead. That’s all the more reason for us to take 2022 head on… including having an attainable New Year’s Resolution.

You might be thinking that taking action against hair loss doesn’t sound all that attainable – but our team at RHRLI is here to tell you that it absolutely is! There may not be an overnight fix (and it might take some work) but this is a realistic goal that can be met within the calendar year of 2022.

So how do you get started on making the fight against hair loss your New Year’s Resolution?

How Do I Know I’m Experiencing Permanent Hair Loss?

There are some instances where it may be difficult to tell if you’re experiencing permanent hair loss. For example, Telogen Effluvium is a common type of temporary hair loss usually brought about by severe stress, hormonal changes that can occur during pregnancy or menopause, or poor diet.

In those instances, hair loss tends to be temporary after hormones are adjusted, diet is remedied, stress is removed, and so forth. Abnormalities with your thyroid, in general, can also cause hair loss and in those cases can be reversed if properly medicated.

If you’re experiencing male or female pattern baldness in line with your family history, that’s permanent hair loss. There are also forms of scarring alopecia that damage your skin and can also cause permanent hair loss.

How Far Along In Experiencing Hair Loss Should I Wait Before Consulting A Professional?

It is important to keep in mind that some hair shedding is natural. You should expect to see some hairs when you shower, comb your hair, and other similar activities.

If you’re experiencing what you feel is excessive hair shedding and noticeable thinning, notice bald patches in line with male pattern baldness and other such signs, you should consult with a doctor about your hair loss to see if it may be a permanent form of hair loss and what next steps you can take.

Are There Steps I Should Take Beforehand?

If you feel that you are starting to show some hair loss and think there’s a chance it may be temporary, it’s important that you make sure you are implementing a well-balanced diet including essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

You also want to make sure you’re staying hydrated, managing your stress through healthy outlets (including exercise), and getting a good night’s sleep. If those steps are not working, you’ll want to take a more aggressive approach.

Let RHRLI Make Your New Year’s Resolution To Restore Your Hair A Reality!

Start your year off right by taking those first crucial steps to reverse your hair loss. We here at Robotic Hair Restoration Long Island have the experience and proven track record in utilizing the ARTAS® system to the satisfaction of our patients.

As the first doctor to introduce the system here in the Long Island area and practicing for more than ten years – I have the experience to evaluate your condition, recommend an appropriate solution, and (if a hair restoration procedure is warranted) create a natural-looking hairline. Contact us today for a free consultation to make 2022 the year you win the fight against hair loss.

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