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Every week we answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get from people in all stages of the hair restoration process, from just thinking about it to questions about post-procedure care. As the first ARTAS® practice on Long Island, we’ve completed over 500 hair transplants, giving us the most experience in the Long Island and NYC area. We use that expertise to educate you so you can make the most informed decision. You can opt out of these educational emails at any time.

Did you know that Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island (RHRLI) is a Platinum status ARTAS® facility due to our level of experience? We’ve also been designated a Center of Excellence for ARTAS® and train new practitioners.

ARTAS® Platinum Award for RHRLI
Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 16 ratings)

Francisco C.

Life changing. I’ve done my fair share of research and Dr. Gohil’s practice is the place to go. He has such a wonderful, knowledgeable, and professional team. I felt extremely comfortable and they made sure I was taken care of each step of the way. Most importantly, they deliver on the results! Best investment one… Read more “Francisco C.”

Anthony DeVito

A week after my procedure everything Dr. Gohil said about the process has been true. The back of my head has completely healed with no scaring or marks and you couldn’t tell any hair was removed from the back of my head. My new hairline is exactly what I had hoped for and am confident… Read more “Anthony DeVito”

Eran Zarka’s RHRLI Testimonial

I highly recommend Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island to anyone interested in hair restoration. Dr. Gohil and staff were very professional and friendly..
I was comfortable though out the entire process. Im very happy with the results.
Thank you again for changing my life ..

Can M.’s RHRLI Testimonial

I wish I had done this sooner. I had doubts about going through this process, with obvious concerns of how natural it would look, if it would be painful, and what the recovery would be like. Michael Petroglia, the patient advisor, and Dr. Gohil thoroughly explained every step of the process and instantly put me… Read more “Can M.’s RHRLI Testimonial”

R.G./Dix Hills, N.Y.

I had a terrific hair transplant at RHRLI approximately two years ago with the ARTAS Robot. There was no discomfort during the case and was actually back to work and the gym the very next day. My eating and sleeping were unaffected and the results have been just amazing. I get complimented on my hair… Read more “R.G./Dix Hills, N.Y.”

E.H. Norwalk, C.T.

I had my ARTAS Procedure done at RHRLI almost 2 years ago now. Every time I see other men with hair loss, I think how lucky I am that I discovered the ARTAS robot and I made the choice to get it done. It was just the one day out of my life with minimal… Read more “E.H. Norwalk, C.T.”

V.D. / New York, NY

I don’t even know where to begin, but my experience with Robotic Hair Restoration of L.I. was nothing short of amazing. From the time I stepped into the office, I felt comfortable and at ease in the hands of Dr. Gohil and his great staff. The procedure was virtually painless and the recovery was just… Read more “V.D. / New York, NY”

F.C. | Flushing, NY

My experience at Robotic Hair Restoration of L.I. was by far the most comfortable and enjoyable of my 4 hair transplant procedures. Dr. Gohil, the technicians David and Monica, and the consultants Michael and Whittany are extremely insightful, and guide you step by step through the entire process. The procedure itself is painless, from the… Read more “F.C. | Flushing, NY”

N.M. | Stony Brook, NY

I would highly recommend anyone thinking of using RHRLI. My experience was great from consultation to the actual hair restoration. During the consultation, you are given all the information you need and it was great to just have a conversation about my options without the pressure you might find at other places. Once I did… Read more “N.M. | Stony Brook, NY”

A.S. | Long Island, NY

After deciding to have my hairline reinforced, I looked at many different places and doctors who perform hair transplant procedures. I had my consultation at RHRLI with Michael, who really explained everything I wanted to know about the procedure. He made me feel comfortable with my decision to move forward with the procedure. Everyone in… Read more “A.S. | Long Island, NY”

G.F. | Long Island, NY

Like many others, initially I was reluctant and a bit afraid to have a hair transplant procedure. After a consultation with Michael, I felt more comfortable and willing to do it, so I did. The day of the procedure I was welcomed by the incredible staff at RHRLI. We went over the day’s itinerary, and… Read more “G.F. | Long Island, NY”

E.H. | Norwalk, CT

I had my ARTAS Robotic procedure very recently on a Friday. I felt at ease in the capable hands of the physician and staff at RHRLI; they were super-attentive and obviously experienced. The whole procedure was rather easy, and as I tell everyone, “it was one day out of my life to fix my hair… Read more “E.H. | Norwalk, CT”

R.G. | New York, NY

RHRLI is an amazing experience. I barely felt anything and just relaxed the whole time. I even watched a movie during the procedure. The doctor and the techs made me feel like a VIP the entire time. I went to work the next MORNING and nobody noticed anything different and I myself felt great! I… Read more “R.G. | New York, NY”

F.M. | New York, NY

As a business owner for over 25 years, my appearance is very important to me. I always wanted to feel and look confident at all times. My hair loss bothered me to the point where I looked into hair transplantation. Over the past 15 years I’ve had multiple traditional strip procedures. It really was my… Read more “F.M. | New York, NY”

George from Long Island

“I had a prior procedure years ago and needed some work today. Dr. Gohil and the entire staff were wonderful! On the day of the procedure, they were prepared, organized, and the entire process was poetry in motion. It went smoothly, and they actively participated in follow up care. Their attention to detail during the procedure was… Read more “George from Long Island”

N.N. Long Beach, N.Y.

Prior to having my procedure done at RHRLI, I had a consultation with another well known hair restoration center. However after researching the benefits of Robotic Hair Restoration and meeting with Dr. Gohil and the Director of Patient Education, Michael Petroglia, my choice was clear. They took their time explaining the procedure from start to… Read more “N.N. Long Beach, N.Y.”

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