Marianne Morrison, Scalp Micro Pigmentation Practitioner

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Practitioner from Robotic Hair RestorationMarianne Morrison started her career in television makeup and has worked with many celebrity faces from Chris Rock to Tom Cruise. Marianne is Emmy nominated and became one of the most sought-after makeup artists in NYC in the field of airbrush artistry. She created and is still currently running her own successful business, Natural Style Cosmetics, located in Huntington, NY.

Marianne was featured on Good Day New York for a 3-minute live makeover and became a beauty correspondent for Live it Up. She also won an award for her own Radio Show; The Marianne Morrison Show, in NYC.

Marianne has now entered the world of permanent makeup as a Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioner. She is a member of the SPCP, (The Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals). Marianne also studied in Beverly Hills and New York City and is licensed to perform permanent makeup in both States.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Jericho, NY

Marianne became involved in the Scar Micro Pigmentation industry somewhat by accident. After speaking to a close friend of hers who had a hair transplant procedure, she realized that he had a long linear scar going across the back of his head from ear to ear. Unfortunately, his stylist cuts his hair too short in the back, and it exposed this line. He said to her, “I wish I could do something to hide it.”

This got Marianne thinking about men and their self-image. Marianne saw the need to learn Scalp Micropigmentation and scar revision. After much research, Marianne began to take classes with the top Scalp Micropigmentation specialist in the country, who was located in Manhattan. Marianne felt that with hair transplants becoming more and more popular with men, there was a need for this unique technique in camouflaging the scar in the donor area so that it would blend in and be virtually undetectable. This, in turn, will allow the client to cut his hair shorter should he choose to do so.

Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island is proud to announce that Marianne has joined their team. Many of our RHRLI clients who come in for hair loss procedures have already had the traditional FUT (strip) procedure, and elect to not only have another hair transplant procedure but also have their initial scar camouflaged with this new technique.

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