What To Expect With Robotic Hair Restoration

robotic hair restoration expectationsRobotic hair restoration is the hair transplant technology of choice among top hair restoration clinics. This method of hair replacement is minimally invasive, effective, and safe. Before you have your hair transplant, you’ll meet with the medical team to discuss the procedure and make sure you’re a good candidate. Your consultation is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about how you can prepare and what you can expect.


Since robotic hair restoration is minimally invasive, you won’t require general anesthesia. This means there is very little preparation required of patients. Aside from your consultation and medical evaluation with the doctor, your preparation may involve a discussion with your hair restoration team regarding strategies for creatively styling your hair before and after your procedure to camouflage the surgical areas. You will be given detailed preoperative and postoperative instructions to take with you. If there are any other concerns, you may call the hair restoration clinic with any questions.


On the morning of your hair transplant surgery, dress in comfortable clothing and wear or bring a loose-fitting hat. When you arrive at the clinic, the medical team will apply local anesthesia and help make you comfortable for the procedure. The sophisticated software of the robotic hair restoration system will identify which hairs are best suited for extraction and transplant. Each follicular unit is extracted individually and then placed into the receding hairline or other areas of thinning hair. During your procedure, you may read or watch a movie. The medical team will give you breaks throughout the surgery to ensure your comfort.


You’ll be able to return home not long after your procedure. In just one to two days, you can return to your usual activities. Be sure to follow your doctor’s post-surgical instructions. He or she will let you know how you can protect your scalp from sun exposure and how you can care for your hair while the grafts heal.

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