Tips for Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween Hair Dos and DontsDressing up for Halloween is fun. That’s why costumes for adults have been a growing trend for the past decade. But can Halloween hair color and wigs cause hair loss?

Are Temporary Hair Dyes Damaging?

In most cases, no, temporary hair dyes do not damage hair, but two things should be clarified. First, if the hair is already damaged and brittle, the temporary color could last longer than usual because the damaged hair is more porous than normal hair. Also, damaged hair is prone to breakage and loss so if it seems like you lost hair after using one, it’s probably due to the condition of your hair more than the temporary hair color.

Second, “temporary hair dye” is a term commonly used for two different types of products. It can also refer to “semi-permanent hair dye”.

Generally, though, temporary hair dye refers to styling products that add color to the hair only until the next washing. Whether it’s spray-on hair color, which is a type of hair spray, a hair-coloring mousse, or a root cover-up “hair mascara” these products just sit on the top of the hair strands. That means the worst they can do to otherwise healthy hair is maybe leave behind a little residue if they were applied heavily. A second shampooing or shampooing with a clarifying shampoo will remove that.

Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Damage Hair?

Generally, no, semi-permanent hair dye will not damage hair. However, if hair is already damaged and brittle, any hair loss after the use of semi-permanent hair dye could give the false impression that the dye caused the damage or loss.

Unlike permanent hair dye, which is a two-step process that opens the hair shaft so color can be deposited there, semi-permanent hair dye does not open the hair cuticle. The color only lies on the surface but in a form that lasts through a few weeks of shampooing instead of a single shampooing like with hair coloring mousse, sprays, or hair mascara.

Can Halloween Wigs Cause Hair Thinning?

Halloween wigs will not cause hair loss. Certain things can cause hair loss over time, such as hairstyles that are too tight or persistent rubbing, such as from wigs or hats that fit too tightly to your head. However, wearing a wig a few times for Halloween parties is unlikely to cause hair loss. For better protection and fit, a wig cap under the wig may help.

Do’s & Don’ts for Safe Halloween Hair

  • Do Practice Your Halloween Hair Style

    This prevents last-minute surprises, ensures it turns out the way you want, and lets you know if any additional items are needed.

  • Do Wash Your Hair Before Bed

    This is if you’ve used spray-on hair color, which frequently rubs off onto pillowcases while you’re sleeping. Hair chalk will do the same. Washing your hair before bed is easier than getting difficult stains out of your sheets.

  • Don’t Use Products Not Designated for Hair

    You don’t want to be the star of a real-life hair horror story from using markers or such on your hair. Even if it says it’s a “washable market” that doesn’t mean it’ll wash out of hair.

  • Follow Product Instructions

    Read and follow the product instructions to avoid problems and possible resulting hair damage

  • Don’t Worry If Spray-on Color Doesn’t Wash Out Fully

    Just lather up and shampoo it again, this time with hotter water or use a clarifying shampoo. Depending upon your hair color and the brand and color of the spray, it might require the lather, rinse, and repeat treatment.

Does Pumpkin Seed Oil Help with Hair Growth?

Pumpkin seed oil is promising, but the jury is still out on its effectiveness for stimulating hair growth. A 2014 study is frequently cited as proof that it works, but the study was small and limited. The pumpkin seed oil supplement also contained other ingredients so it’s difficult to say for sure that the pumpkin seed oil was the reason for the 30% increased hair growth that was reported.

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