The Difference Between No Shave November & Movember

No Shave NovemberIt’s that time of year again. Men all over the country are opting to hold off shaving for the whole month as a part of No Shave November or Movember. While these two events are often lumped together and can sound like they’re the same thing, there are some big differences between the two to keep in mind before deciding to participate in one or the other.

What is the Reason for No Shave November?

For more than a decade, No Shave November has inspired people all over to forego shaving, haircuts, and other costly hair grooming and salon visits so they can set that money aside to benefit organizations dedicated to fighting cancer. The idea came from a desire to have people embrace the hair they have as so many cancer patients lose their hair during the life-saving treatments they have to undergo. It was inspired by the loss of Matthew Hill, the father of the Hill family in Chicago who launched the initial campaign.

No Shave November has partnered with three organizations dedicated to fighting cancer. The first listed is the Prevent Cancer Foundation which advocates for prevention and early detection by pushing for public policy and needed research. Second is Fight Colorectal Cancer, which is dedicated to finding a cure for colorectal cancer and champions all those who are affected by it. And the last partnered organization is St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital which is dedicated to fighting and defeating childhood cancers and other life-threatening illnesses.

Do I Have to Shave Before No Shave November?

No, you do not have to… It’s really up to how you want to present yourself. Participation of any kind is encouraged, and the organizers understand some people may have jobs with stronger dress and presentation codes than others. Trimming and grooming are perfectly within the rules and guidelines of participation. That said, if you are usually the clean-shaven type then you would probably prefer to shave beforehand.

What is Movember in Aid of?

Whereas No Shave November is an annual event to raise money and be donated to a charity of your choice, Movember is its own charitable organization. They are dedicated to funding projects centered around men’s health and suicide prevention, as well as specifically targeting testicular and prostate cancer.

The organization has expanded beyond growing out a mustache into incorporating running or walking for suicide awareness and even signing up to be a monthly donor. If you’re growing a mustache for Movember though, they stress that it doesn’t matter if it’s patchy hair or comes in full; the important part is participating.

Do I Need to Start Movember Clean-Shaven?

Yes, you do. The rules clearly state that you must start clean-shaven. Movember also does not want you to just grow a beard, a goatee, or anything like that; it has to be a mustache that you are growing and grooming. They even provide a mustache style guide. The rules don’t specify that you must be clean-shaven otherwise though, so you can get away with having a five o’clock shadow.

How Do I Participate in Either No Shave November or Movember?

The easiest ways to participate are signing up right on the No Shave November and Movember websites. Don’t let facial hair loss prevent you from participating in and supporting such important causes. The experts at RHRLI located in Jericho, NY, and Manhattan have the experience and tools to help restore your lost facial hair and confidence. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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