Non-Surgical Treatment

Can Polysorbate 80 Help Stop Hair Loss

Can Polysorbate 80 help stop hair loss?There are always new breakthroughs where science is concerned. Each claim of one should be thoroughly examined to determine both its practical functionality and also whether it is safe to use. Today we are going to look at Polysorbate 80 and its potential usefulness in combating alopecia (hair loss).

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Castor Oil And Hair Loss

Castor oil and hair lossWhether we think we’re starting to suffer from hair thinning or not, many of us are conscious about how we handle our hair. We try to consider how often we wash our hair, the kind of shampoo we use when we do – as well as other hair products – and how they will affect our overall hair health. Other factors like our stress levels and diet are on our minds too when it comes to not just our hair health but the health of our skin.

That’s where products like castor oil come in. Castor oil is mainly known as an over-the-counter laxative. It may sound strange after reading that, but this oil is also used to promote skin health by fighting off things like fungal infections and dermatitis. Knowing that castor oil can promote skin health, could it also be used to promote hair health by improving scalp health?

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Reishi Mushrooms and Hair Growth

reishi mushrooms and hair growthReishi mushroom [ganoderma lucidum] has long been used in Eastern medicine to boost the immune system, increase stamina, lower cholesterol, and treat urinary disorders. Now, thanks to the internet’s broad reach, this kidney-shaped fungus is becoming a popular Western nutritional supplement – with the additional claim that it may also help your hair grow.

But do mushrooms really promote hair growth? If so, how do mushroom-based products work and are they safe?

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Rosemary Oil And Hair Growth

Rosemary Oil & Hair GrowthHair thinning or loss is an inevitable part of just about everyone’s life. Before considering surgical options for hair restoration (or even the stronger medicated creams and lotions), many people are curious about what natural remedies are available to try first. One of those natural remedies that people talk about is rosemary oil.

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Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Your Hair And Scalp

Benefits of aloe vera for your hair and scalp.Aloe vera is a plant that’s been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Some of these benefits include promoting healthy skin, reducing wrinkles, having antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help accelerate healing wounds, working well as a mouthwash that fights gingivitis, and even having some laxative properties that can ease constipation.

Because of the benefits that aloe vera has shown over and over again with boosting skin health – including not just accelerated healing but also managing the pain and discomfort of sunburn, bug bites, and more – it does stand to reason that aloe vera may also benefit our hair. After all, it does grow out of our skin. So, does aloe vera have hair benefits?

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Green Tea and Hair Loss

Green tea and hair lossGreen tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves and buds that have undergone a different process than oolong or black teas. People have been drinking tea – especially green tea – for its purported health benefits for thousands of years. But what effect, if any, might it have on hair loss?

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Retinoids And Hair Loss

retinoids and hair lossAll of us – especially as we get older – look for ways to help ensure that our hair lasts for as long as possible. We become increasingly aware of the products we put in our hair, perform proper maintenance, and look more into how diet or medication can affect our overall hair health. We understand how certain vitamins in our diet are an important part of keeping our hair healthy, but some are more important than others. [Read more…] about Retinoids And Hair Loss

Collagen And Overall Hair Health

collagen and overall hair healthMany of us are looking at everyday things we can do to promote our hair health. Whether it be the kinds of shampoo and conditioner we use, how often we wash our hair, how we brush our hair, or how we style it. We’re trying to be mindful of what’s good for our hair health and what will keep us having that full head of hair for as long as we can. [Read more…] about Collagen And Overall Hair Health

Meditation and Hair Loss

meditation and hair lossYour doctor said that your hair loss is not genetic, male-pattern baldness, or related to a hormone imbalance… but stress is usually a factor in your thinning hair. It’s not like your stressful job, family, or current environment is going to get any easier – and losing your hair is actually adding to your stress level. So, what’s a good plan for reducing stress and avoiding hair loss? [Read more…] about Meditation and Hair Loss