Biotin Supplements and Hair Growth/Health/Loss

Biotin supplements and hair growth/health/lossThe B-complex vitamin B7 – also known as biotin – helps your body break food into energy. You can maintain a healthy level of biotin by eating meat, eggs, fish, seeds, some vegetables, and nuts. Most people receive enough biotin through their regular diet… but some people also choose to have it as a daily supplement.

What Does Biotin Do To Your Body?

Your body uses biotin for the metabolism of fatty acids and carbohydrates. Like other B vitamins, biotin helps the body utilize enzymes and carry nutrients throughout the body.

Does Biotin Regrow Hair?

There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that biotin does anything to directly strengthen hair or promote growth. The reason people think it does is because people with a true deficiency in biotin have symptoms that include (among other things) thinning hair and brittle nails. So not enough biotin can harm your hair growth… but taking extra biotin will not stimulate hair growth.

How Much Biotin Should You Take a Day?

Anyone aged 11 and up should be getting anywhere from 30 to 100 micrograms (mcg) of biotin a day. These amounts are typically available in the foods you eat throughout a day.

Is Taking Biotin Safe?

While the minimal dosage is 30 mcg a day, the National Institute of Health has not established an upper limit on how much is too much. Biotin does not appear to be toxic – even in oral doses as high as 200,000 mcg a day. However, there are some adverse effects of consuming more than the daily values.

Are There Side Effects to Taking Biotin?

Excessive biotin intake can interfere with the results of blood and other lab tests – and can lead to possible misdiagnosis. It can also have an effect on the absorption of other B vitamins which are important to other bodily processes.

Can you Take Biotin Every Day?

You can, but there is not generally a need to. Again, you’re likely receiving the amount your body needs through a regular healthy diet. Talk with your doctor if you worry you might have a biotin deficiency and are considering taking a daily supplement.

How Long Does It Take For Biotin To Work On Hair?

For hair health, there is really no evidence at all that it strengthens hair and promotes it to grow,” says Jason Ewoldt, RDN, LD, wellness dietitian at the Mayo Clinic’s Healthy Living Program. However, in people with a true biotin deficiency – most commonly in pregnant or breastfeeding people – taking a supplement can help.

Can Too Much Biotin Hurt?

In addition to skewing lab results and messing with medications, too much biotin can lead to skin rashes, acne, and an upset stomach. If allergic, exposure can also lead to swelling of the throat and face. Remember to consult with your physician before starting any new supplement.

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