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Is Nationality Linked To Hair Loss?

Is nationality linked to hair loss?Hair thinning and loss is an unfortunate reality for most of us. The vast majority of men – and  nearly half of all women – will have experienced hair loss by the time they reach their senior years. Since hair loss affects many (but not all) people, it has continuously inspired people to ask why that is and try to figure out the reasons in an attempt to prevent hair loss in the future.

There are many factors that can expedite hair loss – such as age, stress, and diet. Genetics and ethnicity have also been examined before to see how they may contribute to hair loss as well. While genetics have certainly been shown to be a contributing factor to predicting hair loss, could where we live also affect it?

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What’s the Best Eyebrow Shape for Each Face Shape?

What's the best eyebrow shape for each face shapeEyebrows and how to care for them is a hotly debated beauty topic. Should you pluck or thread? Thick or thin? Arched or flat?

The truth of the matter is there is no one-size-fits-all answer, and the best way to determine how to shape your eyebrows is to start by looking at the shape of your face.

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Preparing for Your Consultation

Preparing for your consultationComing to terms with the fact that you’re losing your hair is never easy but, when you do, the question is often… “What do I do next?

For some people, the plan is to ignore it or just let it happen. But you do have options! And, if you decide to talk to a hair restoration specialist, that can lead to a bunch more questions.

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Gray Hair and Hair Loss: Are They Related?

Gray Hair & Hair Loss: Are The Related?Gray hair is caused by a lack of pigment cells in the hair follicles. Typically, this happens gradually as we age… but there are some conditions that can cause hair to go prematurely gray.

Hair loss can be the result of many different issues and factors – even including as a natural part of the aging process. Since both occur on your head, it’s not a strange idea to wonder if there is any connection between hair graying and hair loss.

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When Can I Color My Hair After a Hair Transplant Treatment?

When can I color my hair after a hair transplant treatment?Congratulations, you’ve had a successful hair transplant! You’re healing well, your hairline is beautifully restored, and you’re happy with the results.

It’s completely understandable that you now wish to resume hair color after transplant and complete your transformation. But is it safe to color your transplanted hair and, if so, how long should you wait?

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Rosemary Oil And Hair Growth

Rosemary Oil & Hair GrowthHair thinning or loss is an inevitable part of just about everyone’s life. Before considering surgical options for hair restoration (or even the stronger medicated creams and lotions), many people are curious about what natural remedies are available to try first. One of those natural remedies that people talk about is rosemary oil.

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Does Cold or Warm Weather Affect Hair Transplant?

Does Cold of Warm Weather Affect Hair Transplant?Once you’ve decided on getting a hair restoration procedure, it all comes down to scheduling and deciding the best time of year that syncs up with your needs. Other considerations, of course, include the weather outdoors and how it might affect you or what precautions you might need to be aware of so you can best take care of your new hair.

You should absolutely talk with your doctor about this as well as follow any post-operation instructions they may have for you to take care of your new hair.

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Bald Villains: Does Hair Loss Equate with a Lack of Moral Fortitude in Fiction?

Why does baldness often equate with a lack of moral fortitude in fictional storiesHair loss is as old as humanity, so it should be considered as routine as any other appearance variance. Unfortunately, the tendency to depict people of low moral character as looking different, strange, or “other” has stigmatized traits associated with a less than perfect appearance.

That has real-world consequences for people with those traits. Worse, for those suffering from hair loss, this stigmatization contributes to poor self-esteem and being self-conscious about their hair loss.

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9 Foods For Healthier Hair

9 Foods for healthier hairWhat we put into our bodies affects our whole bodies, no matter how small. What we eat, what we drink, the medicine we take, creams and lotions we apply, and even how much sunlight we expose ourselves to can have a major impact on our bodies. If we are not giving our bodies what they need, we can damage our digestive tract, teeth, skin, nails, and yes, even our hair.

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Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Your Hair And Scalp

Benefits of aloe vera for your hair and scalp.Aloe vera is a plant that’s been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Some of these benefits include promoting healthy skin, reducing wrinkles, having antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help accelerate healing wounds, working well as a mouthwash that fights gingivitis, and even having some laxative properties that can ease constipation.

Because of the benefits that aloe vera has shown over and over again with boosting skin health – including not just accelerated healing but also managing the pain and discomfort of sunburn, bug bites, and more – it does stand to reason that aloe vera may also benefit our hair. After all, it does grow out of our skin. So, does aloe vera have hair benefits?

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