5 More Common Hair Loss Myths

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You hear them all the time: urban legends, old wives’ tales, myths.  We often hear things that simply aren’t true, but many people believe anyway. At RHRLI, we hear myths all the time about hair loss. We’ll even hear patients repeat these myths.  We want our patients to understand the truth about hair loss and why we feel that our permanent solution the ARTAS® System is the best hair restoration procedure out there. In March we told you about 5 common hair loss myths, so we want to tell you about 5 more.

Myth #1: Shaving a Newborn’s Head Will Prevent Hair Loss

If you’re thinking of doing this, stop. This is another outrageous myth some people believe but put the razor down. It will accomplish nothing. According to the website Baby Center, shaving has no effect on how hair regrows. That’s because hair grows from follicles beneath the scalp and shaving hair above the surface won’t have an impact on hair follicles.

Myth #2: Only Old People Lose Their Hair

Hair loss affects all types of people at all ages. It’s not unusual for people to begin losing hair in their 20s or 30s. Sometimes you will see patients who begin to lose their hair while in their late teens. Understand that many hair restoration surgeons may be wary about performing a hair transplant for patients under 20. According to Prevention, half of women will experience hair loss by the time they turn 50.

Myth #3: Hair Loss is a Male Problem

Not True. Hair loss affects women as well as men. But there are differences in the pattern hair loss for men and women. Male Pattern hair loss is characterized by a receding hairline and loss from the crown of the head, while women tend to lose their hair around the center of their scalp. Women do not have receding hairlines. There are many causes to women losing hair including, androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern hair loss.  It can also be caused by medical conditions including thyroid disorders, anemia and issues related to pregnancy, according to WebMD.

Myth #4: There’s Nothing You Can Do About Hair Loss

There are medications that can be prescribed that will thicken thinning hair, but if you stop taking them, hair loss will return. Hair transplants can provide a permanent solution to hair loss and RHRLI provides the ARTAS® System which employs robotic technology to give you a minimally invasive treatment that will give you a healthy head of hair. You’ll be back to your normal life in a few days.

Myth # 5: Hair Transplants Don’t Look Natural

Hair restoration procedures have come a long way from the days of plugs and rugs. The ARTAS® procedure uses robotic technology to identify the healthiest donor hairs and transplant them to where they’re needed with more precision than any other hair transplant available. You won’t need scalpels and sutures like patients who undergo strip surgery, and the ARTAS® System’s accuracy is far ahead of transplants that involve the use of handheld devices. To learn more, contact RHRLI today.

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